Total Revamp

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So recently, I decided to start this up again. Why? I’m bored. But I realized… the textures I’m using kinda suck, and I could do better. Also, I sucked at character modeling. but after finishing Paper Mario last weekend, for the first time (look I had no idea what I was supposed to do in RPGs when I was five, Okay?), and realized: this is a perfect game design. The models are simple, as well as the textures.

So, now the revamp of the project will be, in essence, Paper MOTHER. So yea, Hope you like it. I even decided to make buildings as one mesh, instead of joining 6 together. here’s a preview…:

total overhaul

hope you like!


Quick snap of progress

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YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE AMOUNT OF TIME PUT INTO THIS. okay maybe an hour or four but still:

you may think that this is a tiny map. You're probably only looking at 100th of it. okay that's a bit of an exaggeration... maybe.

Also What I guess you could call a little official art :

(insert guitar song here)

(BTW click for full shot)

Character design! wooo

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After a long time of hard work and procrastination, The Base character model is finished. Problem is, i only have one hair style so far, because it is REAL HARD to model hair from scratch. So, without further ado: Ninten’s model base:

Once I stop being lazy, I guess i can make more hair and costumes.


P.S. It’s kinda hard to tell, but he IS wearing a neckerchief. It kinda looks like his arms aren’t attached to the body when you don’t know that. Click to view full size.

MOTHER (64) Possible opening

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the title image made by Food Eater

Music from

Tests! hope you studied!

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okay! here are some tests that I made to try out the game engine. Enjoy! (copy and paste links)

for now, the only controls are up, down, left and right for the first test. For the second test, left and right rotate you in a direction, and up pushes you  in whatever direction your facing.

This is the newest test, for room changing. the location is rosemary manor. there are only four rooms in the test: outside, first room, stairs, and the piano room.

An old podunk test. the outside of the city is not fully textured in this one, and seems blurry.

Hello world!

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Hello! this is the MOTHER (64) Dev Blog! This project began a while back, and has been getting nowhere fast. It’s really ust a BIG side project, so don’t expect it any time soon. for now, lets make the dead line… Dec 21, 2012.


updates soon!